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The KPB Floodplain Management Program was established with KPB Ordinance 86-97 and adopted by the Assembly on November 18, 1986. The program conforms to the National Flood Insurance Program, and applies to certain areas within the Borough boundary.

In brief, the purpose and intent of this program is to insure the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains, and require certain building standards so as to reduce losses to life and property.


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Floodplain Development Information

Multi-Agency Application

Fundamental Concepts of Floodplain Management

Research the KPB floodplain requirements

Elevation Certificate Information

Floodway Development Zones & Floodway Development Informational Packet with Procedures for Conveyance Calculations & "No-Rise" Certification


National Flood Insurance Program Links

FEMA Technical Bulletins on Specific Techniques for Development - Required Openings, Flood Reistant Materials, Non-residential Floodproofing, Elevator Construction, Free of Obstruction Requirements, Below Grade Parking Requirements, Wet Floodproofing Requirements, Corrosion Protection, Breakaway Walls, Crawlspace Construction, and Reasonably Safe from Flooding Guidance.

Letter of Map Change Information (LOMA and LOMR) - Fact Sheet, FAQs, Tutorial

Community Rating System - Fact Sheet

After a Flood

Flood Hazard Zone Designations

National Flood Insurance Program & NFIP Summary of Coverage


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KPB Office of Emergency Management

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State of Alaska Floodwatch